Weddings and Special Events

The thing that’s most special about weddings and other life events are the memories. Videos and images are the best way to relive and share those memories! That’s why it’s important to capture all the best moments from all the best angles without missing a thing!  Certainly, professional photographers can do a great job of capturing the event from the ground and within the crowd, but they’re certain to miss some great shots that could be captured from above.  You don’t just want individual photos and videos – part of the fun is seeing the whole crowd enjoying the entire event at once!  This is something Drone Providers, Inc. can help you do, in tandem with your on-the-ground photographer or videographer.


Aerial Videography

There’s reliving a memory through a photograph – using your own thoughts to remember bits and pieces of the event – and then there’s reliving it through a video.  Never forget a detail about the event again, and even see parts of it that you couldn’t experience from your individual perspective, by hiring Drone Providers Inc. to record your event from above.  This way, you can see the whole event at once and experience it as if you’re there again!  There’s no better way to capture a large crowd at an outdoor event than using aerial drone videography.

Drone Photography

Like aerial videography, drone photography can capture large crowds at angles that a human photographer simply isn’t capable of without a helicopter.  If you want to represent the sheer size of your event or just portray the surrounding backdrop along with the people, there’s no better way to accomplish this than with a drone rising above and capturing unique aerial angles.

Video & Photo Editing

Not only can we capture videos and photos that are impossible to get with a normal camera, but we can edit your videos and images into memorable, dynamic presentations.  You don’t need to worry about spending countless hours trying to edit before sharing with others, because Drone Providers Inc.’s expert editors can take care of this important service for you!  We’ll handle everything from start to finish. Learn more about What We Do.

"I recently worked with Drone Providers Inc. to video a few of the homes in my collection of luxury vacation rentals. Their unique vision for the project has offered my customers a different perspective of my properties, especially their location within their respective communities. Their work has also been incredibly versatile, allowing my company to use it on our web page, social media, and advertising. I am very happy with the work they have supplied and look forward to having even more of my homes captured in the future."
Jeff Hamilton
Florida Vacation Rental Manager


Drone Providers Inc. services are perfect for special events that are held both indoors and outdoors, especially if there’s a large crowd or a unique background that you want to remember.  An on-the-ground photographer can only capture up-close shots from limited angles, whereas our drones can capture the whole view from above to get everything you want to remember in the video or photo.  We can work along with your photographer or videographer to create incredible combined videos or photobooks to preserve everything about your special event from every angle!