Property and Environmental Surveys

There are a variety of reasons you might need a survey completed on a property, from a real estate sale to a potential environmental hazard.  Whatever the reason may be, the initial starting point is a visual survey to understand what’s on the property and where you may need to focus your surveillance. You can spend time walking through the property on foot and recording with a handheld device, or you can accelerate the process by quickly scanning the whole property with a drone.  Drone Providers Inc. can work with you or your surveying partner to quickly capture a comprehensive view of property or structure.


Aerial Videography

Our drones can rise above any building or obstruction to record an aerial shot of a whole property or structure from every angle.  Then, you can view the video to determine if there’s anywhere you’d like to focus on or anything worth noting.  This will save you the time of walking the property or scaling the building and recording by hand.  It will also create a record of the survey that you can share with any partner, potential buyer, or regulatory body that requires the survey.

Drone Photography

Similar to capturing a video, if you want a photo of any part of a property or structure to share with another party, our drones can capture shots from an aerial angle to save you time and even provide a comprehensive view that is impossible to capture from the ground.  We can even first capture a video to let you assess where you’d like to focus, and then go back to take photos of specific areas where you need more information or a better view.

"I recently worked with Drone Providers Inc. to video a few of the homes in my collection of luxury vacation rentals. Their unique vision for the project has offered my customers a different perspective of my properties, especially their location within their respective communities. Their work has also been incredibly versatile, allowing my company to use it on our web page, social media, and advertising. I am very happy with the work they have supplied and look forward to having even more of my homes captured in the future."
Jeff Hamilton
Florida Vacation Rental Manager


Drone Providers, Inc. performs property or environmental surveys of any size – from small parcels to large expanses of land.  If you don’t want to spend the time walking the entire property step-by-step, or you’re just unsure what areas of the property need further review or testing, using a drone for the initial visual survey is a great first step.  Our drones can create a comprehensive visual representation of the property and help you determine where to hone in for further testing or review..