Architecture and Construction

As one of the largest growing sectors to utilize drone technology, boundaries continue to be pushed in the pursuit of improving the way people work in architecture and construction. From standard photography and videography to the revolutionary aerial mapping, we have continued to add services that are up to par with the leading drone businesses that function in the architecture and construction sector. As perhaps the most artistic of the industries we deal with, we place a great importance on working with your design team to realize the vision you have for your creation.


Aerial Mapping

Offering the most holistic representation of a building design is crucial to ensuring the vision for a project is fully realized. Throughout the building process, our drones photograph the building site to reproduce the design renderings and ensure that everything is still being constructed to plan. This includes providing the architect with accurate survey data and real-time monitoring during the initial design phase, providing data on logistics, asset management, and 3-D point clouds during the construction phase, and monitoring the structure’s performance after completion.

Aerial Photography

Our drone’s aerial photography offers a unique perspective of your business or services to customers with a photo shoot from the sky. Our drones are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras that capture images in 6k, yielding crystal-clear photographs of your subject. A thorough shoot is conducted, which renders a wealth of images from different angles and perspectives. We then edit our photos to ensure they meet the expectation you have for our product.

Aerial Videography

Our drone’s aerial videography offers a unique perspective of your business or services to customers with a video shoot from the sky. Our state-of-the-art cameras render videos in 6k, yielding crystal-clear results. We perform sweeping panoramas of our subject to capture its entire essence. We then edit our footage to create a work that realizes the vision that you have for the project, producing some truly breathtaking results that can only be classified as art. 

Our northeast Ohio architecture firm selected Drone Providers Inc. as the company to help us exhibit the building we had just completed. We felt that this project was truly the centerpiece of the work we had designed thus far, and therefore wanted to find a photography company to work with that truly understood our vision. Although we had high expectations for the project, we were awe-struck by the content they provided for us and cannot wait to work together again in the future.
Peter Davidson


Surveying and Restoration

Due to the maneuverable and compact nature of some modern drone equipment, they can increase safety and accessibility for the surveillance and restoration of old structures. Our drones can provide live video footage of previously inaccessible areas, either due to the difficulty to reach them or health hazards posed to inspectors, allowing your surveyor to conduct a more thorough report of prospective properties.

Architectural Visualization

Create the most accurate and aesthetic renderings of your design, that capture even the most minute attributes for your prospective clients. Our drones can photograph your building location in stunning 6k resolution from previously unthinkable angles. Your masterpiece can then be superimposed over the site images to bring it to life for others to admire even before any ground has broken.

Showcasing a Built Design

Display the true impact of your work with before and after fly-throughs that capture the awe-inspiring scale of your achievement. Our state-of-the-art cameras yield crystal clear 6k resolution in either a photo or video format. So, no matter if you are taking photos for advertising or producing a video walk-through, the project that we conceptualize together will yield astonishing results that will do justice to your masterpiece.