Facing growing challenges within the agriculture industry, more farmers are turning to advanced technology like our drones to improve their farming procedures. These new tools can aid farmers in the management of their crops and livestock without sacrificing the quality they have built their reputation on. Our cost-effective drones can survey massive expanses of land in a relatively short period of time to provide real-time data. Farmers then have better insight in to how their crops are performing, and can more accurately plan and manage their current and future operations. Since this is a relatively new field, we are constantly striving to stay up to date with the new technological advancements that utilize drone technology within the agricultural industry.


Health Reports

Rapidly monitor your fields and receive real time data about crop plant and weed densities, stress from pest infestations, nutrient deficiencies, dehydration, intensity of light on a given day, and contours of the land. After we collect this data, we’ll present it in detailed yet understandable reports, allowing you to make informed decisions to remedy the problem(s) and improve yield. Customers subscribing to our service can also be provided with comparisons that show changes in their field over time.

Field Surveillance

Receive the ultimate view of your fields: from the sky. Quickly survey your whole property to become aware of everything happening throughout it. Whether you want to monitor your livestock, secure the safety of your crops, or simply keep informed of how events such as the harvest are coming along, our drones can provide you with a real-time picture of every situation.

Our team of licensed operators have extensive experience performing these services for the agricultural industry. They take complete control of the project, allowing you to continue to run your business while they perform their job.  Customers can count on an efficient, reliable, and knowledgeable experience when dealing with Drone Providers Inc.

"We recently worked with Drone Providers Inc. to create a health report on our Valley City corn farm. The report helped us to identify a major irrigation issue that we were unaware of, but that had been affecting our yield for years. The data they provided us helped to immediately fix the problem, and the increase in our future yield made our decision to hire Drone Providers Inc. a no-brainer."
Howard Marks
Valley City Farmer


Crop monitoring

Our drones can provide you with an eagle eye’s view of your land. They can quickly travel large expanses to offer closer views as well as in-depth data about your field, allowing you to precisely identify problems and act upon them to improve your annual yield.

Soil Assessment

Recent technological advancements allow our drones to collect data on your soil that includes measurements such as temperature, moisture, slope, elevation, and more. An initial analysis ensures that your seedlings are planted in the optimal environment to thrive, while further analyses ensure that they are receiving the optimal resources to continue thriving.

Plant emergence and population

Analyzing data upon the emergence of your crops such as their population and spacing allows for more informed thinning and pruning decisions. Future planting strategies can also be optimized based on past data trends.


Assess the hardiness of your bloom throughout the growth stages to improve the efficiency of your yield. Our data will inform you of the optimum rate of fertilizer to dispense, reducing your waste and promoting the health of your crops.

Crop protection

Due to the size and landscape of some fields, different areas of crops have different demands throughout the year. Ensure that you are meeting these demands correctly with data that will suggest the proper protection product to apply in precise areas.


No matter how much foresight you have from our advanced technology, sometimes acts of God can occur that are out of your control. Events such as crop injury, destruction, reduced health, and drought can now be captured, recorded, and stored as a digital record to add more substance to your adjustments.

Irrigation & Drainage

Thermal infrared cameras fixed to our drones provide a different viewing perspective of the landscape, making water management easier. Our imaging provides customers with the ability to identify problem areas and gain insights in to improvements that can be made for future planning.

Harvest Planning

Gain a better insight in to your crops’ performance throughout their growth cycle by making comparisons to past data. This will allow you to make more accurate predictions about your harvest’s quality and yield for the current season as well as future seasons.