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Our first priority is ensuring that we understand exactly what your goals are for our services.  We’ll talk to you and ask you questions about your goals and applications of our drone footage.  Once we are clear on your goals, we’ll evaluate the location to assess any obstacles that might create a challenge for us and create a flight plan to ensure we accomplish what’s intended.


We’ll send our drone team, consisting of, at minimum, a licensed pilot and flight manager to the live event or property to record videos and/or capture photos based on our flight plan.


Finally, we’ll bring our drones back to our editing studio and upload the videos/photos to our advanced software to assess the results.  We’ll edit the videos and photos based on your project specifications and share it with you to gather feedback.  If you’re not totally satisfied or want further edits, we’ll go back to the studio and continue to improve it through iterations until you love the end result!


Property & Environmental Surveys
Real Estate
Architecture & Construction